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Fluid makes MacAddict's "One Hundred Best Freebies" list

July 01, 2003

From MacAddict:
"One awesome screensaver is Fluid, which slowly drowns your screen in liquid until it becomes a slowly undulating pool that's so mesmerizing you won't want to get back to work. See if that excuse flies with your boss."
Fluid is getting more ink from MacAddict in their July 2003 issue. The article, "One Hundred Best Freebies," picks Fluid among the best Mac OS X screensavers.

Check out the Fluid page for more information and to download. Fluid is technically not freeware. It is donationware, which means that while we don't expect to be paid for it we would certainly not be upset if you sent us your life's savings either. If you like Fluid and would like to give us some compensation for making your life so much better please visit the donation page.

Fluid in the News

MacAddict disk

We are pleased to announce that you can find Fluid 2.0.3 on the June 2003 MacAddict software disk that comes with the magazine. We've had a good number of people write to us saying that they have just discovered Fluid on the disk and that they are now using Fluid as their screensaver.

Fluid 2.0 Released!


Fluid Icon

It's been nine long months of development and Fluid 2 is finally available for download. We are still hard at work correcting small bugs that are in the released version so keep a look out for point releases in the coming weeks. We feel strongly that this is the best screensaver available, not only for the Mac but on any platform.

Kudos & Comments
"I just tried Fluid Screensaver and I was dazzled. It's absolutely gorgeous. That has to be the nicest display I've ever seen, a real work of art."

"Hey . . . this thing is way cool!"

"Fluid rocks! I just discovered it this evening, and on my dual G4/450, it's gorgeous . . . I'd have to say that it's the single most amazing application I've ever seen. Beautiful stuff."

"What is Fluid?", you may ask. Fluid is a screensaver for Mac OS X. But, Fluid isn't just any screensaver. It is a realtime fluid-dynamics model that renders to your screen using wave velocity color-coding and reflections on the surface of the waves. Fluid also has its own particle engine so that it can visualize particles within the liquid medium. Add to that the ability to show the streaklines of the currents and you've got yourself one really intense screensaver.

In fact, Fluid is every bit as powerful of a visualization system as most of the high-end ocean model visualization programs that we have worked on in the past. If it's good enough for the U.S. Navy, it's probably cool enough for your screensaver.


There have been reports of Fluid crashing with certain hardware configurations.
That's bad.
We have released an update (v2.0.3) that seems to fix the problem for most people.
That's good.
We are hard at work trying to fix any and all problems that are found by our users. If you have a problem then feel free to let us know about it. If you don't have a problem and just love Fluid then feel free to let us know that too.

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