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Fluid Development Donation

A special message from us first . . .

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We develop for OS X in our spare time and we have "regular" day jobs (as regular as they can be for software designers). I say this to let you know that we are not some large corporate entity with labs full of equipment to test on and lockers full of cash in our offices. There will be times when we can't catch all the bugs due to the fact that we have limited amounts of hardware to test it on. Be patient and email us. We may not know that the problem exists, or we may already have it fixed and can let you know where to get the newest version. We probably won't be able to catch everything but we most certainly are interested in hearing what you have to say and correcting our errors!


Fluid is donation-ware. If you enjoy it and continue to use it we respectfully request that you donate to the Fluid Fund. We don't believe in releasing "cripple-ware" or "time-bombed" software and would like to never have to do that sort of thing. The copy of Fluid that you are running is the full version. Unfortunately, we also can't continue to make great software if we aren't paid for it.

Therefore, if you use Fluid as your screensaver, please think about a donation to the Fluid fund. It's probably one of the coolest screensavers available for any platform, so help us create the next version of Fluid and other great applications for OS X. While you don't "get" anything extra by registering Fluid, you will be added as a registered user in our handy-dandy database and may have access to special offers in the future (registered users have access to alpha and beta software that we are working on).

Most importantly, you get that warm-fuzzy feeling by paying for something that you are using. Honestly, you do.

Donate Now!

Right now, we are using PayPal to handle donations (so that we can accept credit cards). If you have another alternative that you think we should check out, or if you want to send us a check via snail-mail, email us at

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