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Iconic was thrown together in just one night because of a need to create a ton of icon thumbnails and have control over when and how they were done. I was tired of opening a directory and having my machine churn away while OS X automatically made the icons for the images in a folder. I would much rather turn that Finder option off to speed up the interface and then make thumbnails in the background when I'm doing something else. So, I decided to throw this together.

The wonderful freeware program Pic2Icon was the inspiration and I had been using it until Jaguar debuted. Unfortunately Pic2Icon didn't work in Jaguar so I got off my duff and threw this little gem together. (As far as I know, the guys over at SugarCube are hard at work on the next version of Pic2Icon which will probably blow Iconic out the water, right guys???)

Iconic does do a couple of things that Pic2Icon doesn't do. Namely, it is multithreaded and it can handle multiple drops at one time. You can drop a directory of 1000 pictures on it and follow that with a directory of 5 pictures and each will process away seperately....but at the same time. For each drop of files Iconic creates a new progress box to show you the progress of that process.

Note: Iconic is not a finished product, per se. I have released it to the public because I feel that some people might get some use out of it. I use it constantly to create the images on my web pages because I can drop a full size image on it and quickly get a nice small image with drop shadows and everything (without having to start Photoshop). But, Iconic may have some problems. If you experience problems with it then let me know so that I can fix them.

Technical Information

Current Version
Iconic is freeware. You may use it as much as you like. If you would like to make a donation to our development fund then we would certainly not turn it away.
System & OS Requirements
Power Macintosh running OS X v10.1 or greater.

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